Jan 5, 2012


VISIONARIES - Inside the creative mind

A 42 minute documentary about the visionary that is Tom Ford. I loved it. He talks so soft and calculated, like he's in controle 100%. Then he starts to rip the fabric of his models because it 'doesn't feel right'. Only a single great man can be that ad hoc. From Gucci, to YSL, to Tom Ford!

OWN's full-length footage highlighting world-renowned fashion designer and film director Tom Ford. The documentary brings to light Ford's every day happenings, as to let you into the otherwise closed quarters of his rather particular lifestyle. While most people think of the Texas native in regards to his overwhelming impact on the fashion industry, there is much more than meets the eye with the well-versed creative. He is also a well-respected Oscar nominated film director whose talents expand far beyond simply building an unmistakable fashion empire.

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