Jan 26, 2012

LOVE LookBook: Isabel Marant

"Let's do a Tie-Dye diy!"

'cause that's what Isabel Marant is saying with her Spring 2012 collection!
I refuse to look at 2012's fall while we're still in 2011's winter, so Spring 2012 is the way to go / focus right now!

The way to Isabel Marant-your outfit-up is to tie-dye, patchwork and embroider your outfits [double IM-points if you combine it - see pictures below]
Let me sum up some trends for 2012's Spring/Summer if we are going to go for the Isabel Marant chique Fran├žoise style..

All images by Fashion Gone Rogue edited by me (on Polyvore)!

I think there are a lot of IM-diy potentials in this collection! To be continued..

Jan 18, 2012

DIY PROJECT: Leather bag

[ with-or-without studs ]

Remember this post, I wanted to make a leather bag covered with studs just like the gorgeous one from Zara.
Zara leather studs bag €140 (approx.)

But while looking for small gold studs - there were none! The effort of shipping these all in would have been too much, so I decided - THERE WAS JUST GOING TO BE A LEATHER BAG!
And a huge one, that is!

My inspiration for this diy..
Amongst others: Celine, Prada, Zara, Alexander Wang, Mulberry, YSL, etc..

I started with my favorite way to find good leather - look for soft leather skirts online. (I found one for €11!) I cut the skirt open to create a long (somewhat) even piece of leather to work with.
Then I measured what size I wanted it to have - the bigger the better - to fit in a couple of books, shoes, etc. I went for something like 45 x 35 x 15 (cm).
The easiest way is to cut the lining and outer layers with the same measurements, then sew two bags (one from the lining, one from the leather) and then sew them together (make sure you sew the lining inside-out in the bag).

Secure the handles of the bag with extra care and strong yarn because the should be able to hold all the weight of the bag.

This is just a simple bag, but it's really versatile and easy to make. But like with every diy: make sure you use quality fabric and equipments. With leather - always use the special leather needles!

Total costs: €11 + €5 (yarn, lining cotton and needles)
Total time spend: collective 2,5 hours (when sewing by hand)

PS: if you ARE in the incredible joy of possessing a device to fabricate studs to leather - DIY and SHARE!

Jan 17, 2012

DIY PROJECT: Sequin pants to skirt

From a sequin pants..

to a sequin pencil skirt..

Easy, yes!
Glamour, yes!
In the wrong party season, never!

This is how it works..

1. Cut the hems all the way open.

2. Sew them together (1 on 1, 2 on 2)

3. Cut the lenght to where you want: long, midi, mini..  

4. Leave room for a small slit to make walking easier 

(when you have a sequin legging, you will mediately make a pencil skirt due to the thin legs)

Jan 10, 2012

BLOGGER x DIY: Honestly...WTF

Honestly...WTF's Braided Bead Bracelets

I really like getting inspiration from Honestly WTF, she has great diy's and does a great job giving a simple and clear explanation how to make them.
Her newest post is about something I love because it's personal, easy-and-quick to make, versatile.. A braided bead bracelet!
Even though I haven't really got the hang of the braid-the-beads-in-technique, I will now have to make some myself, they look so easy and cute! Plus: I've got a lot of yarn/beads laying around - to much not to touch!

Check out Honestly WTF's easy tutorial below and TRY!


... braid, add, braid, add, braid, add, braid...WTF!

Braid end and add button ET FINITO!

LOVE LookBook: Nina Ricci

Pre-Fall 2012

2012's Fall is already in the making with these wonderfull items from Nina Ricci..


Zips in a dress as glamour touch?

DIY fishnet gloves.. and tule tops..

DIY backwards worn sweater and zip-in-skirt

Ton-sur-ton gone pretty-pastel-pink

DIY velvet gown with embroidery on the shoulder?

Ruffles, my love.. lots of ruffles!

Trends? Colourblock vs heavy knits vs navy theme vs animal footwear!

Jan 9, 2012

DIY PROJECT: from this..


From this..

[Simple H&M dress]

to this..

Sequin Chanel dress via Song of Style

Jan 5, 2012


VISIONARIES - Inside the creative mind

A 42 minute documentary about the visionary that is Tom Ford. I loved it. He talks so soft and calculated, like he's in controle 100%. Then he starts to rip the fabric of his models because it 'doesn't feel right'. Only a single great man can be that ad hoc. From Gucci, to YSL, to Tom Ford!

OWN's full-length footage highlighting world-renowned fashion designer and film director Tom Ford. The documentary brings to light Ford's every day happenings, as to let you into the otherwise closed quarters of his rather particular lifestyle. While most people think of the Texas native in regards to his overwhelming impact on the fashion industry, there is much more than meets the eye with the well-versed creative. He is also a well-respected Oscar nominated film director whose talents expand far beyond simply building an unmistakable fashion empire.