Oct 31, 2011



On Studs and Pearls I read that last week it was DIY Style Week on the TODAY Show over in the US. And even though it's last weeks news, it's still awesome!

Check out the DIY's they posted last week here on their STYLE section and here in the slideshow.

Here are some of the cool DIY's I spotted and some cool new bloggers to follow..

Glitter 'n Glue
A Pair & a Spare

Stripes and Sequins

Oct 30, 2011

BLOG FOCUS: Blue is in Fashion this Year

  Blue is in Fashion this year

Perfect, perfect blog to stay on trend, see bloggers translate trends in different ways and find some great new blogs!
Blue in in Fashion this Year posts daily hunts for trends on blogs. Most of the time these are wearable trends and her clean collages show you how to wear the latest trends. I love that the blog gives you a LOT of inspiration AND the newest trends.. check it out!
... vs ... post - blog 'confrontation'

Trend post

With.. and Without.. post

Oct 27, 2011

BLOG FOCUS: StyleScrapbook


She's maybe the most famous and succesful blogger in Holland, but she's not Dutch - it's the Mexican Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook.
She's tall, she's elegant and her style is everything - from maxiskirts, to knits, to college jackets, to graphic prints, to sheer, you name it, she wears it (with style)!
She's been blogging from 2007, has been named Mango It-girl, designed a camera bag for Kipling and has won the ELLE 'Best Fashion Blog of the year' in 2011. She's been the first blog I followed and is part of my everyday-must-check-blogs ;) 

How about that!


 Overload? Maybe..

Oct 26, 2011

The Arm Party concept

 Friendship bracelets, chains, cuffs, charm-bracelets, leather bracelets, etc, etc..

The Arm Party (in my opion, made huge by Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller blog) is now more hot than ever. There is this thing called winter coming up, so probably our arms will be covered in knits, but it will still be hot to wear your Arm Party loud and proud.

There are a lot of bracelets involved in an arm party and luckily a lot of ways to create one yourself. Friendship bracelets, by far the most easy and personalize-able, tutorials can be found all over the internet and YouTube. Check out these creative users on YouTube for some tutorials to make your own (friendship) bracelet here, here and here!

As for the arm parties going around in blog-world, check them out below..

All StyleScrapbook

Julie from Sincerely Jules

All The Man Repeller

And check out these sightings during Fashion Week..

And on a blog I found these beauties!!

Source: ?

To be continued soon with some 
pictures of my own Arm Party creations..