Oct 6, 2011

Taking matters into my own hands..

The leather jacket. Everyone wants it, it goes with everything and it gives every outfit a cool and tough look. And like things that are beautiful and versatile, you will never find the right one when you're looking for it. And oh, have I been looking for it.. for the last 3 years to be exact! But all I could find were "so so" jackets, faux leather jackets (they will never wear and smell as nice as a real leather one) and when I found the perfect one - it was just to damn expensive.

There was the 'Why-do-I-see-it-everywhere-except-in-MY-closet' Zara jacket for €299,- last year, as seen on Andy and Yara ( top Dutch bloggers)

Andy @ stylescrapbook

Yara @ thischicksgotstyle

Then there are the jackets from Sabrina, which are all so amazing!

And then there is ASOS, when I have been tempted more than once to buy a jacket..

So before I loose my mind and spend a fortune on the perfect leather jacket, I've decided to try and make one myself! I have been experimenting with working with leather (already made 2 bags and some accessories which I will show soon) and I have the "courage" to try and customize/make/upgrade one myself..

Making a jacket from scratch and sewing the leather by hand (which I will have to do) I hard enough so I found this second-hand leather blazer for a stunning €10. And then I will buy some large leather fabrics, studs and zippers to complete it.
I will keep updating during the process, cause I think it's going to take a while perfecting. But hey, at least I have something to do.. ;)

Happy DIY'ing,

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