Oct 4, 2011

DIY PROJECT: Pop your collar

 Pop your collar

The new trend of extreme necklaces and neck 'candy' has given me a LOT of DIY inspiration. There are some great examples circulating of extreme neck jewelry or separate collars.

I found these beautiful detachable collars from Eleven Objects at Leandra's Manrepeller blog (my favorite and she's funny too!)

I also found this amazing silver MR. DANNIJO collar/necklace via Fashiolista. A collaboration between the above fashion blogger and Danielle and Jodie Snyder (founders) of DANNIJO.

After this I tried my hand at making a leather version of the collars above but it didn't turn out that great because I didn't use thick leather. But who knows, maybe it will come in handy sometime..

Next I tried something much easier and something that (almost) cannot go wrong! Simply find an old jeans shirt, it doesn't even matter if the shirt is too big for you - the collar must fit your neck. Simply unfix the seam that attaches the collar to the shirt, pin the seam with and sew it close with the same colour thread.

This is the most easy way to make a collar because most of the collars already have a little button to hold it together. You can do it with any jacket, blouse or shirt - that you are bored off - and even recycle the shirt to be a new 'collar-less' wardrobe piece. You can also try to 'spice' things up by adding spikes, gemstones or studs to the ends of the collar.

Happy DIY'ing,

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