Oct 14, 2011

Design it yourself..

It's so fun to see more and more brands playing with the idea of letting customers make their own version of the product to create something personalized. DIY'ing can also mean to DESIGN it yourself ;)
I did some research and here are some brands that allow you to create/customize your own product. It's always fun to give your own twist to something you use daily..

Here you can create your own Vans by choosing a model and then adding the colors and prints of the shoe. For an average of $60 (excluded shipping) you can have your personalized Vans sneakers.
My design..

Here you can create your own canvas Converse shoes. Pretty much the same as the Vans above, but there are some more options with fabric and shoe models. Here you can have your customized All Stars for $67 (prices vary with models, excluded shipping)
My design..
I actually really like them, I've been looking for a tough animal print sneaker..
It's like Jimmy Choo x Lanvin, right?

As maybe the biggest shoe brand Nike also gives the customer the ability to design their own sneakers. But not only that, they also give you the opportunity to customize your cloths and equipment like t-shirts, jackets, bags and backpacks. 
I tried to design a cool backpack..

Here you can design, mix&match or put your own image on an iPhone case. I really like the idea to have different cases for my phone and making one of a picture or pattern I love is even better. For $35 (excluded shipping) you have your own custom case (available for Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and HTC)
My design..

More ' Design It Yourself's at..
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Create your own bag.. by KNITTING it (how old fahion and cute!)
Create your own Superhero (lol)
Design your own heels and ankleboots

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