Dec 30, 2011

INSPIRATION: Interior diy inspiration

Interior design diy inspiration

When decorating your house, I think it's really nice to make your personal style reflect in the decoration. Although I love Ikea, a real clean and pre-fab interior would be to simple for me. 

While browsing some interior/decoration blogs I started to create a mood board for my future home. Here are some good ideas to diy-decorate your interior. I think the best tip is to hunt ebay, vintage stores and thrift stores for vintage looking furniture - 70's and 80's retro chairs I LOVE!

I love the simple black or white cabinets to store books, liquor bottles, etc.
I keeps a small room open and light.

Arrange together random and vintage photographs in simple frames
I love the idea of buying a simple wooden or transparent tray and arrange perfume bottles, books, accessories, etc to give that little personal touch to a sitting room.
Arrange your favorite accessories for the season on a small table in the bedroom to have a great overview AND a personal decoration addition

Dec 29, 2011

CHECK OUT.. Cocorosa's Bloggers Top 10

Cocorosa's 10 Bloggers Top 10

Sweet and crafty Cocorosa of My Precious Confessions  (find her in my DIY Inspiration section here) has made a SUPER POST about 10 of her Blogger Top 10! With subject like Blogger Boyfriends, Blogger Closets (drool!), Homes, DIY's, Hairdo's and more - it's just awesome and a great way to get a little glimpse into the world of some bloggers!

Top 10 Blogger Boyfriends (men behind the camera)

Top 10 Winter Bloggers

Top 10 Blogger Closets (drool!)

Top 10 Blogger Pets (cute!)

Top 10 Blogger Poses

Top 10 Blogger Homes

Top 10 Hairdo

Top 10 DIY's

Top 10 Blogger Tattoos

Top 10 Blogger Videos

Dec 27, 2011

CHECK OUT.. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

 Found a really cool DIY blog and it's called 'A Beautiful Mess', really sweet!
They've got some great fashion DIY's but also a lot of ideas to brighten up your interior!

Check it out!

Cute door mat

Painted leather bracelets

Modern wall art with Post Its

Dec 26, 2011

INSPIRATION: Zara studded shopper

ZARA studded shopper 
(SOLD OUT..:( )

I just loooooved the studded shopper from Zara when I saw it in Amsterdam.
Beautiful leather, big shopper to carry all and an added toughness by the hundreds of gold studs!

I has it all: basic, simple, tough, black and leather.
I feel a project coming up...

Dec 20, 2011

BLOGGER x DIY: Stylescrapbook for Monki

Style Scrapbook for Monki Television

Bloggers doing DIY's and encouraging readers to do so themselves are directly climbing up my favorite list.
While StyleScrapbook is already one of my favorite blogs to check, I especially love the DIY's she's doing - like the yellow leather clutch, MK gold pants, bracelets and more - and now she's collaborating with Monki.

In the eight episodes she shot for Monki, the last two are about DIY'ing a Monki blouse. You can see the best fabric store in Amsterdam where I also go (A. Boeken) and how she gets her inspiration. Really fun to see, check it out here:
DIY Darling Part 1 and Part 2

Dec 19, 2011

CHECK OUT.. WWW Styling Tips

There's always a good reason to visit WhoWhatWear when one is in need of some serious Fashion/Beauty/Styling/Shop inspiration. But one of my favorite reasons to visit WWW is to see their monthly Styling Tips.

For a weekly update, subscribe to their newsletter here (tip)

Below is WhoWhatWear's Year of Styling Tips! 

TIP 2: Pair an army shirt with a pretty floral dress

TIP 2: Transition a LWD with an army jacket

TIP 1: Update your wardrobe with a printed shorts suit

TIP 6: Mix prints + colors for a chic look

TIP 1: Go for slim pants in chic metallic hues

TIP 2: Mix tailored shorts with a fur jacket

TIP 5: Combine black + white lace for an elegant ensemble

TIP 8: Team a knit sweater with bright leather pants

TIP 1: Try a pair of metallic pants this season

TIP 3: Punch up neutral pieces with a pair of tailored red pants

TIP 8: Combine a pendant + midi skirt for a subtly '70s-chic look

Dec 13, 2011


Finds and inspiration

It's unbelievable how often I find myself (make believe) shopping on my Fashiolista app for nice items. Best invention ever!

How it works
By following stylish 'fashiolistas' you will be able to see what they love. You can 'love' it yourself so you practically build a whole collection out of the items you loves - a great way to express your style and look for new items to put on your shopping list. You can also post your own fashionable 'finds' that others can like again.

It's a real fun way to get inspiration, trends and I get a lot of DIY inspiration from browsing my daily items on Fashiolista. I think, the best thing is that you don't always know the brand names, so it's all about the look of the item!

Here are some 'loves' on Fashiolista I've put right in my inspiration/DIY idea folder..

Measure the size and sew thin pieces of different fabrics together to make the skirt.
*Add studs or sequins for extra sparkle

Use thick and lace and sew it on a existing white skirt

Sew zippers into a basic coat
*Have to try this ASAP!

Embriodery: gold sequins or lace on the shoulders

A simple pattern with a sophisticated and rich fabric
*See easy pattern tracing here 

Wrap a neon/bright/attention-grabbing belt around a simple white or black bag
*On trend AND extra safe from pickpockets!

Spray paint a simple bag - metallic!

Sew strings of beads or different bracelets on a zipper
to create the instant-arm-party-effect
OMG so beautifull..
this might require some experience and patience, but it's so pretty!

1,2,3: google 'Chanel logo', print and iron on!

Warning: zippers will heat up in the sun, so might not be the best DIY idea..

Home made enamel jewelry - love it!

Super glue on: stones, old earrings, etc..

Gotta find a good way to apply studs on leather - Anyone?!

Love the separate collars, real easy to make!
Not really a DIY, just love leopard.

Glue a scarf on an envelope bag.

Sew a metallic chain and neon rope on a chic jacket

Glue a sprakling ribbon on a simple (leather) ribbon

Cut the collar from a girly unused blouse

Tie-dye and cut off: ready for action!

Add different little charms to a pendant

Zipper bracelet

You can see at the bottom of each picture some of the fashiolistas I follow.
And check out my public profile here