Dec 19, 2011

CHECK OUT.. WWW Styling Tips

There's always a good reason to visit WhoWhatWear when one is in need of some serious Fashion/Beauty/Styling/Shop inspiration. But one of my favorite reasons to visit WWW is to see their monthly Styling Tips.

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Below is WhoWhatWear's Year of Styling Tips! 

TIP 2: Pair an army shirt with a pretty floral dress

TIP 2: Transition a LWD with an army jacket

TIP 1: Update your wardrobe with a printed shorts suit

TIP 6: Mix prints + colors for a chic look

TIP 1: Go for slim pants in chic metallic hues

TIP 2: Mix tailored shorts with a fur jacket

TIP 5: Combine black + white lace for an elegant ensemble

TIP 8: Team a knit sweater with bright leather pants

TIP 1: Try a pair of metallic pants this season

TIP 3: Punch up neutral pieces with a pair of tailored red pants

TIP 8: Combine a pendant + midi skirt for a subtly '70s-chic look

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