Dec 29, 2011

CHECK OUT.. Cocorosa's Bloggers Top 10

Cocorosa's 10 Bloggers Top 10

Sweet and crafty Cocorosa of My Precious Confessions  (find her in my DIY Inspiration section here) has made a SUPER POST about 10 of her Blogger Top 10! With subject like Blogger Boyfriends, Blogger Closets (drool!), Homes, DIY's, Hairdo's and more - it's just awesome and a great way to get a little glimpse into the world of some bloggers!

Top 10 Blogger Boyfriends (men behind the camera)

Top 10 Winter Bloggers

Top 10 Blogger Closets (drool!)

Top 10 Blogger Pets (cute!)

Top 10 Blogger Poses

Top 10 Blogger Homes

Top 10 Hairdo

Top 10 DIY's

Top 10 Blogger Tattoos

Top 10 Blogger Videos

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