Feb 28, 2012

CHECK OUT: diy supplies

I died and went to diy heaven..

BOUGHT THESE: silver and gold western collars tips for €2,50
I went to wholesale place where they sell all sorts of supplies: buttons, fabric, ribbons, tule, needles, yarn.. EVERYTHING! It had some serious 'buy-ALL-the-supplies-threat'!

Feb 21, 2012

RUNWAY LOVE: Derek Lam Fall 2012

Derek Lam

Actually both Derek Lam PRE-Fall and Fall were AMAZING!!

First the Pre-Fall collection: wool jackets with black fur collars, warm winter colors and some great fitting coats!

Then the Fall 2012 collection: a lot of leather, ton-sur-ton printed outfits and strong silhouettes!

Stay inspired..!

Feb 20, 2012

DIY PROJECT: Balenciaga heels

Pourqoui? Donc..

Even though there from an 'old' season (Spring - the shaaaame!) I love them!..
Why? The one and only TTH (Taylor Tomasi Hill, bless her) wears them and they look like the greatest multiplication of tough x cute x simple x leather x elegant x versatile..(I can go on, you know..)

So instead of searching the world around for these babies, I decided to be inspired and diy!

Stay tuned for the REAL diy!!

Feb 16, 2012

RUNWAY LOVE | Mara Hoffman Fall 2012 |

Remember my diy project with the Mara Hoffman/Sincerely Jules inspiration (here)?
Well, her new 2012 Fall collection shown in New York this month isn't any less diy-worthy!
Again lots of prints and colors but now more in a western/Indian kind of way with big knits, hats, lots of black and sheer!

Here are some of my favorites with diy possibilities - let the hunt for neon color print fabric BEGIN!

2 x 1,5 meter fabric for a MAXIdress

LOVE | print jumpsuit | LOVE
MAXIskirt + print (shawl?!) top!

print fabric/embroidery on shoulders and pockets

LOVE | print cut-out dress | LOVE
the new knitting..

1,5 x 2 meter sheer beautiful fabric = the easiest dress ever!

Handkerchief Application!!

All pictures via Style.com

Feb 9, 2012

MISCELLANEOUS: Sh*t fashion girls say


This is totally unrelated to any diy post, but yet... so freaking funny!
It's a parody on the - also very very - funny 'Sh*t girls say' episodes on YouTube
What it here 

"How do we feel about bangs? 
I think I'm going to get bangs! 
Omg I hate my bangssss!"

Inspiration: Simple vs. Overload

Simple vs Overload

While most of the bloggers I follow prefer the modernerity of Simple and Clean dressing, I love bloggers who know how to combine colours, prints and spice things up with Va-va-voom heels and extravagant jewelry.
And while very sophisticated, Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is becoming a shooting star in my book of 'Combine & Shine'! Key items she uses are: good fits, neutral make-up (with a hint of colorful lipstick) and well-thought-about accessories..[Maybe it's her killer closet that helps, but] I really love the way she turns multiple (colorful) pieces to a cooperating outfit - LURVS IT!