Feb 16, 2012

RUNWAY LOVE | Mara Hoffman Fall 2012 |

Remember my diy project with the Mara Hoffman/Sincerely Jules inspiration (here)?
Well, her new 2012 Fall collection shown in New York this month isn't any less diy-worthy!
Again lots of prints and colors but now more in a western/Indian kind of way with big knits, hats, lots of black and sheer!

Here are some of my favorites with diy possibilities - let the hunt for neon color print fabric BEGIN!

2 x 1,5 meter fabric for a MAXIdress

LOVE | print jumpsuit | LOVE
MAXIskirt + print (shawl?!) top!

print fabric/embroidery on shoulders and pockets

LOVE | print cut-out dress | LOVE
the new knitting..

1,5 x 2 meter sheer beautiful fabric = the easiest dress ever!

Handkerchief Application!!

All pictures via Style.com

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