Apr 8, 2012

Stay tuned...


At the moment I am super busy on my thesis to graduate for my Communications study in June. So to focus myself completely on my research I will have to put this blog on hold for a while.. :(
But in June, I'll be back again...! :D 

Stay tuned..

Mar 5, 2012

BLOG FOCUS: Song of Style

Song of Style 

 California style, that is precisely how you can describe Aimee's style. The LA/SF local combines fabrics, colors and layering in Spring or Winter but keeps to her signature style. Totally in tune but always surprising, Aimee Song really has a cool way to inspire you to work with what's in your closet.. But with the delicious warmth and beautiful scenery of California, who wouldn't enjoy dressing up every day! Check out her blog here to get inspired..

Feb 28, 2012

CHECK OUT: diy supplies

I died and went to diy heaven..

BOUGHT THESE: silver and gold western collars tips for €2,50
I went to wholesale place where they sell all sorts of supplies: buttons, fabric, ribbons, tule, needles, yarn.. EVERYTHING! It had some serious 'buy-ALL-the-supplies-threat'!

Feb 21, 2012

RUNWAY LOVE: Derek Lam Fall 2012

Derek Lam

Actually both Derek Lam PRE-Fall and Fall were AMAZING!!

First the Pre-Fall collection: wool jackets with black fur collars, warm winter colors and some great fitting coats!

Then the Fall 2012 collection: a lot of leather, ton-sur-ton printed outfits and strong silhouettes!

Stay inspired..!

Feb 20, 2012

DIY PROJECT: Balenciaga heels

Pourqoui? Donc..

Even though there from an 'old' season (Spring - the shaaaame!) I love them!..
Why? The one and only TTH (Taylor Tomasi Hill, bless her) wears them and they look like the greatest multiplication of tough x cute x simple x leather x elegant x versatile..(I can go on, you know..)

So instead of searching the world around for these babies, I decided to be inspired and diy!

Stay tuned for the REAL diy!!

Feb 16, 2012

RUNWAY LOVE | Mara Hoffman Fall 2012 |

Remember my diy project with the Mara Hoffman/Sincerely Jules inspiration (here)?
Well, her new 2012 Fall collection shown in New York this month isn't any less diy-worthy!
Again lots of prints and colors but now more in a western/Indian kind of way with big knits, hats, lots of black and sheer!

Here are some of my favorites with diy possibilities - let the hunt for neon color print fabric BEGIN!

2 x 1,5 meter fabric for a MAXIdress

LOVE | print jumpsuit | LOVE
MAXIskirt + print (shawl?!) top!

print fabric/embroidery on shoulders and pockets

LOVE | print cut-out dress | LOVE
the new knitting..

1,5 x 2 meter sheer beautiful fabric = the easiest dress ever!

Handkerchief Application!!

All pictures via Style.com

Feb 9, 2012

MISCELLANEOUS: Sh*t fashion girls say


This is totally unrelated to any diy post, but yet... so freaking funny!
It's a parody on the - also very very - funny 'Sh*t girls say' episodes on YouTube
What it here 

"How do we feel about bangs? 
I think I'm going to get bangs! 
Omg I hate my bangssss!"

Inspiration: Simple vs. Overload

Simple vs Overload

While most of the bloggers I follow prefer the modernerity of Simple and Clean dressing, I love bloggers who know how to combine colours, prints and spice things up with Va-va-voom heels and extravagant jewelry.
And while very sophisticated, Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is becoming a shooting star in my book of 'Combine & Shine'! Key items she uses are: good fits, neutral make-up (with a hint of colorful lipstick) and well-thought-about accessories..[Maybe it's her killer closet that helps, but] I really love the way she turns multiple (colorful) pieces to a cooperating outfit - LURVS IT!