Apr 8, 2012

Stay tuned...


At the moment I am super busy on my thesis to graduate for my Communications study in June. So to focus myself completely on my research I will have to put this blog on hold for a while.. :(
But in June, I'll be back again...! :D 

Stay tuned..

Mar 5, 2012

BLOG FOCUS: Song of Style

Song of Style 

 California style, that is precisely how you can describe Aimee's style. The LA/SF local combines fabrics, colors and layering in Spring or Winter but keeps to her signature style. Totally in tune but always surprising, Aimee Song really has a cool way to inspire you to work with what's in your closet.. But with the delicious warmth and beautiful scenery of California, who wouldn't enjoy dressing up every day! Check out her blog here to get inspired..

Feb 28, 2012

CHECK OUT: diy supplies

I died and went to diy heaven..

BOUGHT THESE: silver and gold western collars tips for €2,50
I went to wholesale place where they sell all sorts of supplies: buttons, fabric, ribbons, tule, needles, yarn.. EVERYTHING! It had some serious 'buy-ALL-the-supplies-threat'!