Dec 30, 2011

INSPIRATION: Interior diy inspiration

Interior design diy inspiration

When decorating your house, I think it's really nice to make your personal style reflect in the decoration. Although I love Ikea, a real clean and pre-fab interior would be to simple for me. 

While browsing some interior/decoration blogs I started to create a mood board for my future home. Here are some good ideas to diy-decorate your interior. I think the best tip is to hunt ebay, vintage stores and thrift stores for vintage looking furniture - 70's and 80's retro chairs I LOVE!

I love the simple black or white cabinets to store books, liquor bottles, etc.
I keeps a small room open and light.

Arrange together random and vintage photographs in simple frames
I love the idea of buying a simple wooden or transparent tray and arrange perfume bottles, books, accessories, etc to give that little personal touch to a sitting room.
Arrange your favorite accessories for the season on a small table in the bedroom to have a great overview AND a personal decoration addition

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