Nov 15, 2011

DIY PROJECT: Same dress, different fabric

Same dress, Different fabric

H&M simple sheet dress

When you finally find a piece that fits you just right and that can be combined in different outfits, you actually want to have it in different colors and fabrics.
Here's a little tutorial how to trace a simple dress and make a pattern. I used this dress pattern because it doesn't need a stretch fabric or difficult sewing - very simple!

I bought this dress in H&M last year on sale. Even though the fabric is really busy, I really liked the cut! It's a typical sheet dress - kneelenght, straight, high neckline.

H&M dress for €25
I really wanted to use this dress to make a pattern that I can use to make more dresses like this. It's really not hard to trace a dress like this.
Most important of all: Trace the front, back and sleeves on thick paper.

Step 1: Fold the front in half vertically and pin it together to secure the dress.

Step 2:
Trace the dress, be as precise as possible.

Step 3:
Repeat this for the sleeves and back (front and back of this dress are identical, accept for the neckline. The front neckline is lower, the back neckline is usually higher)

Step 4:
Cut the paper exactly on the lines.

Now you have the pattern!
When you you're going to cut fabric, make sure you cut it 1 or 2 cm from the pattern (from the sides all around). You will need this room to sew, so when you cut an extra 1 cm - sew it 1 cm from the sides.

I can recommend this kind of sheet dress pattern to anyone, it's really easy to trace and make a new dress. You can use any kind of fabric because it doesn't need any stretch and you can alter sleeve or skirt lenght.

Still looks a little too simple, but this is the idea!

Happy DIYing,

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