Nov 25, 2011

DIY PROJECT: Sequin blazer

 A project for the weekend

In more ways than one, this is a project for the weekend. Meaning it's easy to make and fancy to wear.
I feel like a black blazer is really versatile but for an evening out sometimes too dull. So I decided to glam things up!

I had some small piece of sequin fabric lying around so I decided to sparkle up my black blazer. Although sequins are a real pain to work with, they can give that 'touch of glitter'.

NOTE: this might even be the easiest DIY!

Because I couldn't fit the whole fabric on the lapel, I cut the fabric into pieces to fit. 

But it doesn't matter: because of the sequins you can't see that it's made out of smaller piece put together. Just cut the fabric to fit the lapel and sew the end. Secure the sequins do you don't leave a trail of sequins behind you on the dancefloor!;-) 

Happy DIY'ing,

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