Nov 29, 2011

DIY PROJECT: Cut off ripped Jeans shorts

The old jeans trick.. 

Most definitely the best way to re-use an old jean that you don't wear anymore. It's so easy to cut off an old jeans. But... what to do then?
There are so many ways to distress, bleach, personalize and customize jeans. Here are some easy tutorials and examples!
And winter doesn't mean NOT wearing jeans shorts! Ever been to London? Combine a jeans short with (thick) black tights and you can keep that summer feeling! (well.. not the summer, but at least you can keep on wearing shorts)
So here we go..

Step 1: Put the jeans on and see where you want to cut them off. Mark it (with a pencil) on the in and outside of your leg.

A cut off highwaist Levi 501 jeans

Old H&M jeans

Step 2: Cut just 1 or 2 cm below the mark in a straight line so you will never cut it TOO short the first time. You can adjust the lenght of the shorts later on.

Step 3: To make the ripped effect make some horizontal cuts the jeans. Pull out (with small scissors it's pretty easy) the white strands to created that ripped off effect.


Step 4: Roll up the jeans or add studs to toughen it up. Pierce the studs through the fabric and fold the ends together. So easy!

NOTE: If you use a skinny jeans and you want to roll up the legs, make a small cut in the inner thigh of the leg to make it fit. Skinny jeans tend to narrow and rolling them up will make the legs smaller on your thighs.

Use applications, hotfix stones, studs, bleach, etc.. 
Endless possibilities!

Happy DIY'ing,

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