Nov 5, 2011

BLOG FOCUS: Scandinavians


Sweden, Norway, Finland.. the whole of Scandinivia is full with fashionable (and gorgeous) girls who all seem to have a blog.. What is it that makes these people so into fashion and perfecting the ultimate effortless style?! The cold? The landscape? Ikea?
Below are some of my favorite Scandinavian bloggers

Top 5:

Online Mekka for all things Scandinavian x fashion. The site houses different bloggers and Caroline's own mastermind creations like:
Caroline Loves It - your daily must-have-now update
Get the Look - usual models or people in the fashion industry dressing-to-kill
Stockholm Streetstyle - if you don't know it, SHAME!



One of the best blogs, her style is simple and sophisticated. She's also Elin Kling's collegue at the Styleby magazine!


Former model turned streetstylephotographer turned blogger/style icon..

Also a model / blogger and now even co-designing a line Werelse with Andy and Chiara


Even though she now lives in Londen, I don't care, she's still Scandinavian in looks and style! How pretty is her big hair and her cool style!


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