Jan 26, 2012

LOVE LookBook: Isabel Marant

"Let's do a Tie-Dye diy!"

'cause that's what Isabel Marant is saying with her Spring 2012 collection!
I refuse to look at 2012's fall while we're still in 2011's winter, so Spring 2012 is the way to go / focus right now!

The way to Isabel Marant-your outfit-up is to tie-dye, patchwork and embroider your outfits [double IM-points if you combine it - see pictures below]
Let me sum up some trends for 2012's Spring/Summer if we are going to go for the Isabel Marant chique Fran├žoise style..

All images by Fashion Gone Rogue edited by me (on Polyvore)!

I think there are a lot of IM-diy potentials in this collection! To be continued..

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