Jan 18, 2012

DIY PROJECT: Leather bag

[ with-or-without studs ]

Remember this post, I wanted to make a leather bag covered with studs just like the gorgeous one from Zara.
Zara leather studs bag €140 (approx.)

But while looking for small gold studs - there were none! The effort of shipping these all in would have been too much, so I decided - THERE WAS JUST GOING TO BE A LEATHER BAG!
And a huge one, that is!

My inspiration for this diy..
Amongst others: Celine, Prada, Zara, Alexander Wang, Mulberry, YSL, etc..

I started with my favorite way to find good leather - look for soft leather skirts online. (I found one for €11!) I cut the skirt open to create a long (somewhat) even piece of leather to work with.
Then I measured what size I wanted it to have - the bigger the better - to fit in a couple of books, shoes, etc. I went for something like 45 x 35 x 15 (cm).
The easiest way is to cut the lining and outer layers with the same measurements, then sew two bags (one from the lining, one from the leather) and then sew them together (make sure you sew the lining inside-out in the bag).

Secure the handles of the bag with extra care and strong yarn because the should be able to hold all the weight of the bag.

This is just a simple bag, but it's really versatile and easy to make. But like with every diy: make sure you use quality fabric and equipments. With leather - always use the special leather needles!

Total costs: €11 + €5 (yarn, lining cotton and needles)
Total time spend: collective 2,5 hours (when sewing by hand)

PS: if you ARE in the incredible joy of possessing a device to fabricate studs to leather - DIY and SHARE!

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