Sep 29, 2011

Starting up - Need(le) It!

So this is my new blog!

I have always been fascinated by customizing and making my own cloths. With the experience giving to me by my mother (she works for the National Ballet and is an expert on making tutu's) I am trying something new every week. My mother really taught me to see the possibilities and the FUN in fabricating something from scratch!

I like to buy my cloths at the usual big brands like H&M or Zara or at vintage shops and customize them so I add something special to the ordinary stuff. From making my own blazers to embroidering, I get my inspiration from a lot of blogs, sites and just people on the street. I started up this blog to help some of you master the awesomeness of DIY'ing your own cloths and accessories.

I'm not the expert but I'm trying every time to make something extraordinary out of something ordinary.
It is not hard, but it's always good to get tips and inspiration..;)

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